End-to-End Compliance for Smart Assets


Smart Assets Infrastructure

Prefacto enables financial firms to create, issue, and maintain global compliance, risk and governance using smart securities. 


Onboard investors to the regulatory standards of their own jurisdiction. Manage compliance, risk, and fraud in real-time. 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Case Management

Fraud Monitoring

Sanctions & Watchlists

Blockchain Forensics

Liveness Detection

Smart Securities

Partner Marketplace

Global Coverage

Payment Gateways

Turnkey Deployment


Asset Management

Issue, maintain, and self clear with blockchain powered smart securities. Leverage KYC data to compile documents and execute workflows.


The creme de la creme of Prefacto technology: the ability to manage or restrict secondary trading of your digital assets.

Secondary Trade Compliance

Audited Smart Contracts

Accredited Investor Certification

Manage Paper Workflows

Multi-Jurisdictional Trade Processing

Configure Escalation Procedures

On Demand Reporting

Access Global Gateway

Consolidated Audit Trail

Generate Documents & Disclosures

Source of Funds Reporting

Corporate Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Compliance & Reporting

Accurate information and reporting  tools at your fingertips. View and manage reports across entities, assets, and trades.

How it Works

Our Approach

We provide companies with industry-leading governance, risk, and compliance software to manage client or investor onboarding, issue and distribute blockchain powered smart securities, and automate 80-90% of your securities record keeping and reporting.

configure the platform

Meet Your Business Requirements

Implement a wide range of strategies, such as a companywide eKYC strategy,
a platform to manage and automate smart securities, or advanced fraud monitoring controls to protect your online users, clients, or investors.  Prefacto is a powerful, flexible platform for the future of digital finance.

white label

Add to Your Brand

Be recognized as a leader in digital finance with our white label solutions.

Custom Additions & Features 

Managed Services

Need help with a custom integration, API, or implementation? Our team of developers can support your project from its inception to the next iteration.