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Our powerful global platform is enabling businesses, banking and financial institutions, broker-dealers, payment processors, and more to not only access global access to capital and liquidity but also to ensure their customer and investor data is accurate and secure. 

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What is Prefacto™?

Prefacto is a patented Regtech solution that enables firms to manage clients, assets, and transactions in a seamless and easy to use platform.  Easily automate and maintain required governance, risk, and compliance procedures.

Why are audited Smart Contracts so important?

Having audited Smart Contracts readily available saves you from having to do them yourself and getting them audited by a third party. Using iComply, you’ll benefit from an average savings of over $10,000. You won’t need to create, code, audit, or manage these contracts yourself, you simply deploy them through your site.

How can I easily onboard my investors?

Onboarding is simple and easy using iComply’s Prefacto platform. Investors are taken through secure liveness, KYC, compliance and risk screening, which take approximately 15-20 seconds.

What do I need to get started?

The right partners can help you to avoid fines, sanctions, or even jail time. Contact a solutions expert today or request a live demo to get started.