Prefacto™ provides licensed financial institutions with real-time access to verification, authentication and assurance services for digital finance.

The platform is engineered on three pillars: entities, assets and transactions. Through a powerful, best-in-class combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, your firm can drive the global digital transformation of financial services.

Client onboarding

Screen Individuals & Corporations

Easy to set up. Simple to use. White-label screening services include liveness, KYC, AML, PEP, ATF, sanctions, watch lists, adverse media, fraud, credit bureau, and suspicious activity for both individuals and corporations.

ASSET Management

Issue, Sell, and Self Clear

Smart securities unlock access to global capital and liquidity. Issue and automate an unlimited number of assets, each capable of screening for governance, risk, and compliance before executing the required reporting and filing procedures.

Trades and Transactions

Monitor Risk in Real Time

Now serving payment processors, money services and money transmitter businesses, OTC desks, ATS, MTF and exchanges. Screen both transaction counter-parties in as little as 15-20 seconds. 

Prefacto Rule Sets

Automate your compliance screening requirements using Prefacto rule sets.

Create, manage and execute automation and manual escalation procedures.

Configure custom screening and escalation requirements based on jurisdiction, risk and cost effectiveness. Reduce human error, regulatory friction and lost opportunity costs caused by outdated, disconnected, manual workflows.

Securities Dealers

As a Canadian-exempt market dealer, our clients’ multinational investor and issuer user bases require complex screening of entities and stringent restrictions on trading.


Robust Global KYC

Investors perform secure liveness, KYC, compliance and risk screening in 15-20 seconds. Prefacto also executes DocuSign and API workflows.

Smart Securities

Securities offerings are configured and deployed to an online platform of investors, with these offerings stimulating local growth and investment.

Trade Processing

Each transaction is screened for global governance, risk and compliance requirements before executing disclosures, agreements and trade approvals.

Investor Eligibility

Access our global network of CPAs and attorneys to certify qualified, professional and accredited investors within 24 hours.

Liveness, Fraud, Cyber Risk

Security challenges and biometric liveness tests can be executed in real time to screen for KYC reselling, teleportation and fraud.

Enhanced  Due Diligence

Prefacto workflows manage the manual escalations and review processes required to fulfill governance, compliance and reporting regulations.

Flexible Architecture

Prefacto is easy to implement on custom-built, open source or proprietary exchange software to ensure compliance, risk and governance screening is complete before the trade is executed.

Know Your Client

Screen users in less than 30 seconds with our fully integrated iComplyKYC solution for KYC, AML, ATF and more; also capable of screening individuals, corporations, and verifying accredited investor status globally.

Know Your Transaction

Full lifecycle trade management. Trade approval dashboards, risk screening and global compliance layers make compliance and trade management a breeze.

Fraud Monitoring

Ensure users are not reselling KYC, creating fraudulent accounts, or taking other actions that could put your business at risk. Create automated workflows to escalate cases and file reports.

ATS, MTF & Exchanges

Self-regulated and regionally-regulated Exchanges, Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), and Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF) require a robust platform for managing entities, supporting assets, and maintaining trusted transactions. 


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