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Innovate beyond eKYC. Give your clients access to global capital, investment opportunities and liquidity.

Prefacto enables you to automatically populate, track and account for every investor, record and transaction for the life of a client—dramatically reducing time, costs, human error and regulatory friction.

This powerful RegTech / LegalTech platform enables financial firms to create, issue and maintain global compliance, risk and governance using smart securities. 

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End-to-End Compliance for Smart Assets


Don’t let compliance limit your growth…

Efficiently onboard investors in seconds with robust, global KYC & AML, enhanced due diligence, accreditation and liveness.

Issue smart assets and maintain compliance across jurisdictions to dramatically reduce human error, costs and regulatory friction.

Trusted by legal, accounting and fintech vendors in over 100 countries for real estate, funds, equity, debt and digital assets.

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Perfect for first movers

Enterprise pricing, implementations and custom integrations available. 



Manage compliance across assets and users through a seamless interface.

GLOBAL Gateway

Access to support and liquidity 

Access our global network of legal, tax, liquidity and settlement partners.

Compliance Automation

Compliance in digital finance is risky. Firms lose billions and see more lost in fines when fraud, theft, and bad actors easily evade detection. 

Prefacto enables licensed and regulated financial firms to easily manage compliance for every asset, transaction, investor or client. 

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Onboard Investors

End-to-end KYC, AML and ATF screening and verification of individuals and corporations, as well as accredited, qualified or professional investors.

Monitor Risk and Fraud

Ensure the individual using your site today is truly your client with iComply’s proprietary Liveness AI to authenticate users across devices and time.

Automate Compliance

Configure risk tolerances, compliance procedures and enhanced due diligence requirements.

Manage Assets

Powered by industry-leading blockchain technology, you can create, distribute and maintain compliance using digitally-native smart securities.

Automate Workflows

Take the heavy lifting out of securities management. Configure notifications,  reports and filings to reduce manual procedures by up to 90%.

Manual Escalations

Not everything can be automated. Prefacto enables manual escalation and remediation workflows.

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Ready for Broker-Dealers, Financial Institutions and More…

Currently serving broker-dealers, funds, investment banks, exchanges, over-the-counter trading desks, exempt market dealers and payment processors covering over 100 countries.

Why Smart Assets?

Smart assets are dramatically more cost effective, time efficient, and accurate than traditional paper-first securities. Despite all of our innovation today, certain legal and financial processes still require fax machines, in-person signatures, and reams of paper. Unlike a digitized PDF of a traditional paper-first security, a smart asset is able to self govern and report any and all transactions according to your most current risk and compliance policies, in real time. 

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“The Prefacto Compliance Protocol addresses potential issues and verifies trades before they occur, reducing skepticism and hesitance investors may otherwise have.”